Periodontal Disease on the Rise in California – The Fact Sheet

Oral Health Indicators in California

  • California ranks among the top 10 American States with the highest prevalence of gum disease
  • California stands 8th on the list with an estimated prevalence of 47.80% for adults between ages 30 to 79
  • According to a recent study published by the California Department of Public health, caries and periodontal disease are the main causes of permanent tooth extraction among 49% adults in the age group of 45 to 64 years
  • A growing body of evidence links severe periodontal disease to life threatening conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes if left untreated
  • There is a strong correlation between smoking, tobacco products, periodontal disease, rapid tooth loss, and bone destruction

It often goes unnoticed – don’t wait until it’s too late

A poor diet, hormonal changes, and stress, are other factors that have increased the risk of periodontal disease in California. Gum disease is painless until it reaches the final stage and often goes undiagnosed. So, watch out for red, swollen or tender gums that bleed, persistent bad breath, loose teeth, pus between the teeth and gums or a metallic taste because all of these may be an indication of underlying periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease starts as a bacterial infection in the gums and bones that keep your teeth anchored. When left untreated, this infection irritates and erodes healthy gum tissues eventually leading to permanent loss of teeth. Fortunately, periodontal disease is reversible if detected at an early stage.  

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