If you have poor oral health with advanced gum disease, severe decay or damaged tooth due to any kind of accident, dental extractions sometimes become necessary. For problematic wisdom teeth also this treatment is one of the most commonly followed procedures. Our talented dental team ensures that your tooth extraction procedure is comfortable, quick and effective.

tooth extraction tools

Common Reasons for Dental Extractions

tooth extraction procedure
You may require a tooth extraction treatment if you have:

  • Severe tooth infection or decay.
  • Damaged or broken teeth.
  • Crowded teeth.
  • Periodontal or gum disease.
  • Problematic 3rd molars.

Here are Few Guidelines to Follow

Post tooth extraction procedure, you need to follow a few simple guidelines to help promote healing, prevent complications and lessen any kind of discomfort:

  • Anesthetic will be administered before the extraction to reduce your discomfort. Its effect may last for a few hours after the procedure. So, you should be careful about not biting your cheek, lip or tongue. Avoid consuming foods which require chewing.
  • A gauze pack may be applied on the extraction site to limit bleeding. This gauze also helps the formation of a blood clot necessary for healing. Hence, it should be left for around 30 to 45 minutes after you leave the clinic. Be careful to not chew on it or disturb it in any way to make sure that the blood clot doesn't get agitated.
  • Other precautions include avoiding alcohol consumption, not smoking and limiting strenuous activity for up to 24 hours after tooth extraction.
  • The teeth next to the healing tooth should not be cleaned for the rest of the day because the risk of the newly formed blood clot being destroyed increases. However, other teeth should be brushed and flossed gently, as advised by our dental care team.
  • Drink lots of liquids and include soft and nutritious foods in your diet post extraction.
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