Dr. Long's dental office is one of only 100 dental practices in the U.S. to use Onset by Onpharma buffered anesthesia for their dental injections. This new technique of buffering dental anesthetics just prior to inserting into tissues greatly reduces injection discomfort and creates instant anesthesia. Our office was chosen by Onpharma to be one of the first practices in the U.S. to use this technique.

Time for the anesthetic to work is greatly minimized due to the unique buffering of the solution, thus allowing immediate passage through the nerve sheath membrane, causing immediate and profound effect on pain receptors. Ordinary non-buffered solutions cause more discomfort and take longer to adequately anesthetize due to its acidic PH.

The usage of Onset will shorten the dental appointment and hopefully make painful dental injections a thing of the past. Dr. Long continues to expand the horizons of contemporary safe and comfortable dentistry for their patients.